April 8, 2021 

Dear BHS Orchestra Parents, 

The time has come to elect new officers for our SBO board. The SBO is a crucial element to the health of our orchestras. We provide necessary support to Mr. Collett so he can give our students the best possible orchestra experience. It is because of Mr. Collett and the SBO that our orchestras continue to thrive at the top of state and national levels. 

As announced at our last concert, half of our board is leaving after this year. It is crucial for the success of our orchestras to fill these positions so we can continue to offer our students a lasting and meaningful orchestra experience. Please review the open position descriptions below and let Mr. Collett or Bruce Edlund know if you would like to be nominated for a position. 

● President 

The President shall serve as liaison between the organization and the Bentonville Public School (BPS) District Administration, serve as an advisor for all committees, and convene regularly-scheduled Executive Board meetings. The President shall preside over election procedures. 

● Vice President 

The Vice President shall serve as President in the absence of the President, be the advisor over all sub-committees, perform specific duties as assigned by the President, and attend all SBO Executive Board and Membership meetings. 


● Secretary 

The Secretary shall be responsible for recording detailed minutes of the Executive Board and Membership meetings; sending out meeting announcements; and working with the President and other Executive Board members to develop a detailed agenda for each meeting. For Executive Board meetings, the Secretary shall distribute copies of both the current meeting’s agenda and previous meeting’s minutes for Board approval. For Membership meetings, the Secretary shall prepare and distribute copies of the agenda for all attendees. The Secretary shall work closely with the President and Vice President to prepare any correspondence requested, such as letters or emails. The Secretary shall maintain a current copy of the SBO Bylaws; keep records of all minutes and other correspondence on file and in good order; and attend all Executive Board and Membership Meetings.


● Treasurer 

The Treasurer shall prepare and provide copies of a monthly financial report at each Executive Board meeting for Board approval. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing a yearly budget, and make financial information available to Executive Officers, Members, the BPS District Administration, and the general public. The Treasure shall attend all Executive Board and Membership meetings. In addition, the Treasurer shall: 

          ○ Not open any bank account without Executive Board approval. 

          ○ Not make reimbursements for expenditures for which there is no receipt or other                     supporting documentation. 

          ○ Settle debts and collect receivables in a timely manner. 

          ○ Keep all financial records on file and in good order, prepared for yearly audit.

          ○ Reconcile bank statements each month and provide reconciliation to the President                   monthly. 

          ○ Provide written receipts for all cash received. 

          ○ File tax returns annually in a timely manner. 

          ○ Maintain supporting documentation that at least two (2) officers authorized debit                     transactions. 

The deadline to request candidacy is May 1st. Simply email Mr. Collett or Bruce Edlund ( We will announce the nominees via email and host an online election one week following that announcement. The candidate receiving the majority of votes for each office shall be elected to that position. 

We appreciate all of the support you have given Mr. Collett and the SBO over the past three years that we have all been in office. We honestly couldn’t have accomplished so much without you. 


SBO Executive Board