Orchestra Student Council


The BHS Orchestra Student Council exists to serve the orchestra department and its students by promoting and creating opportunities to build community and take steps to further our program as a whole. 

Positions for students include All Orchestra Representatives (AORs): President, Vice President, Media Coordinator, Social Coordinator, and Secretary. With these, are Classroom Representatives (CRs) and Reporters. All play vital roles in maintaining the wellbeing of our department. 

AORs 2021-22:

Secretary: Moorea Swango

Social Coordinator: Jamie Pearson

Media Coordinator: Christian Sanchez

Vice President: Sarah Van Slooten

President: Caroline Cheek


Classroom Representatives and Reporters are needed

For the 2021-22 school year, applications are now open for Classroom Representatives and Reporters. Please submit applications by September 4th.


Applicants must be ready to bring creativity, responsibility, and integrity to the student council. Additionally, they must be able to meet both during flex time and outside of school. Positions needed for this year are 4 class representatives for each class and 2 students who would be willing to write and submit articles for the Orchestra Student newsletter. 


Class Representative Description: The four representatives from each orchestra will be expected to work in a collaborative effort to further direct the networking of their class and stress the importance of teamwork in an ensemble. One of these responsibilities includes managing classroom organization, which includes the setup/cleanup of chairs and stands as well as other needed supervisory acts. Representatives will also be asked to coordinate events that initiate bonding activities and strengthen relationships within their orchestra. This position requires representatives to regularly record photos/videos of their class's progress to submit to our BHS Orchestra social media platforms. 


Reporter Description: These two positions are open to any student in the orchestra program interested in crafting written pieces for the Orchestra Student Newsletter. Editors will be expected to stay up-to-date on events, performances, and important dates within the program so that information can be efficiently distributed to other students. Selectees must be willing to navigate technology, incorporate photos/graphics/descriptions, and reach out to others when compiling newsletter material.